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Josephine Guitton, Speaker at Dermatology Conferences
Medical College of Georgia, United States
Title : Assessment of inhaled cannabidiol in wound healing in diabetes


Wound healing has been a major source of complications and poor outcomes in people who suffer from diabetes. Cannabidiol, a non-intoxicating chemical compound found in the Cannabis sativa plant, may play a role in wound healing. Minimal research has been done surrounding the use of cannabidiol for accelerated wound healing, but a quick literature search shows how CBD could play a role in improved vascularization in diabetic rat models. Using a mice model, we hypothesize that CBD can accelerate the wound healing process by promoting the deposition of collagen and granulation tissues through enhanced procollagen expression.  Mice were separated into 4 different groups: lean placebo (LP group, n = 3), lean CBD (LCBD group, n=3), diabetic placebo (DbP group, n= 3), and diabetic CBD (DbCBD group, n=3). Approximately 2 x 2 cm wounds were made into the back of the animal. Mice within both the lean and diabetic CBD group were exposed to 1 dose (20 mg) of CBD via an inhaler every day for 10 days. Placebo groups were exposed to 1 placebo dose via an inhaler every day. Daily pictures of the wounds and measurements were recorded which were later analyzed and healing rates were calculated. Wound tissue was analyzed with flow cytometry using NovoCyte Quanteon machine to run the samples and FlowJow software to analyze. Rates of wound healing as established by daily measurements was not found to be significantly different among each of the 4 different groups; however, administration of inhaled cannabidiol significantly enhanced pro-collagen expression in diabetic mice compared to the placebo group. While minimal research exists to explain the role of CBD in wound healing, our findings suggest a potential for CBD as a therapeutic target in the process of wound healing. 
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The audience will learn more about the role of CBD in wound healing
Other faculty could expand on this research through the utilization of CBD for wound healing
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Josephine Guitton is a third-year medical student at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, GA, USA. Before medical school she attended the University of Georgia where she graduated in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in biology.